Comprehensive Plans

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Our Bee Cave 2037 Comprehensive Plan is a community guide to manage growth, promote investment and reinvestment, and sustain the exceptional quality of life that attracts residents and businesses to Bee Cave. This Comprehensive Plan is an update to the 2009 Comprehensive Plan and solidifies a vision for Bee Cave that is focused on the character of the City; our people, institutions, and government; our economy; and our form and function. Our Bee Cave 2037 serves as the overarching guiding policy for land use, development, and infrastructure decisions for City staff, the Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission, and City Council.

Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan

All rezonings must be consistent with the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan. If you are filing a zoning application that is not, you must simultaneously file for an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. You may apply through My Government Online.

Hike & Bike Connectivity Plan

The City of Bee Cave Hike and Bike Connectivity Plan guides our efforts to create a series of interconnecting, multi-modal transportation corridors for walkers, runners, cyclists, hikers and other non-motorized users.

Bee Cave formally approved the Connectivity Plan on November 11, 2016 after two years of collaborative planning between City staff, community stakeholders, residents, and industry experts. We encourage you to explore the Connectivity Plan to learn more about the vision, goals and targets for the trail network.

The Hike and Bike Connectivity Plan is available here.

City of Bee Cave Community Survey

Thank you to all who participated in the Community Survey!

The survey, conducted in Spring 2014, was preparatory exercise in advance of the 2015 update to the City's Comprehensive Plan. It was intended as a litmus test to:

  • Identify planning issues where there seems to be strong agreement of opinion among the taxpayers.
  • Identify planning topics where there is a greater distribution of opinion which will need to be further investigated.
  • Identify matters which will be worthy of devoting relatively more time and effort on during the plan update process.
  • Discover citizen preferences for communication and outreach methods during the plan update process.
  • Function as an initial effort to raise awareness among Bee Cave taxpayers of the upcoming plan update and begin building a contact list.

The results are available here.